At the onset of every new development project, clients become aware very quickly of how TACC Construction Ltd. sets itself apart from other companies. TACC draws on an extensive fleet of earthmoving equipment to ensure the first stage of construction is undertaken effectively. Work is completed quickly and efficiently by a team of professionals unparalleled in the industry, for whom no challenge is too big or too complicated. Moving mountains is what we do best.

At the centre of the earthworks operation is a highly skilled engineering department, backed with state-of-the-art survey equipment and GPS systems. A dynamic and innovative group can analyze the details of each project, download drawings into sophisticated software and then upload the information to be used in the field, particularly through the machine control systems of the equipment. The result is work that is layed out to exacting specifications and quantified with precise detail. With this cutting edge technology and level of professional service, TACC Construction sets itself apart from all the others.

In addition to this unparalleled level of service, TACC brings value added engineering to the table on each of its projects. As an experienced contractor, we believe in providing the best products and results to the owner at the lowest cost. Considerations for value added engineering include methods of construction, use of quality products and implementation of proper safety and construction practices. We pride ourselves in offering clients creative solutions and sound construction methods to all projects undertaken.