Green Initiatives

TACC Construction evaluates and prioritizes environmental considerations during all phases of every project, from the initial design review through to construction. Strategic planning and working in partnership with consultants, municipalities, Conservation Authorities and owners, allows for minimal environmental impact associated with construction. This value added engineering is a hallmark of every TACC project, which focuses on eco-friendly initiatives, implementing stringent siltation control measures and specific design considerations for in stream work. Training is provided to staff to enhance environmental awareness and to comply with applicable environmental legislation.

Our company is also committed to protecting the environment through sustainable construction initiatives, anti-idling programs, renewable energy solutions and many other project based environmental initiatives. The “Trees for Tomorrow” program, for example, is a plan initiated by TACC to plant trees in Markham to increase green cover, enhance the natural beauty and ensure cleaner air for the community.

In addition to these environmental considerations, TACC is proud to be at the leading edge of a new initiative throughout the GTA. In partnership with the Regional Municipalities, TACC has taken a proactive role in the Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Program. This program involves flow monitoring, implementing various technologies to reduce inflow and infiltration in sanitary sewers, cost/benefit analysis and project recommendations. The benefit in reducing infiltration into local and regional sewer systems is important in the preservation of aquifers, especially located on or near the Oak Ridges Moraine.